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Minute-by-minute with VicPD’s D-Watch on New Year’s Eve 2013

New Year's Eve is traditionally a busy night for VicPD. This year, Sgt. Fairburn and members of VicPD's D-Watch were on night shift patrolling the streets of Victoria and Esquimalt and taking what ended up being many calls for service. As one of two in the role of "Road Boss" that night, Sgt. Fairburn created this minute-by-minute account of VicPD's New Years Eve 2013. A typical Wednesday night shift would see between 40-60 calls for service. This night saw 130.

1730 hrs. Sign on and there are four calls for service holding.

Seven members are off at a stabbing where the victim has multiple stab wounds. One stab wound was to his head and his overall condition is unknown. There is a chance that he may lose the use of his eye and he is uncooperative, refusing to provide any information.

Another four members responding to hold-up alarm.

Several other units tied up on lower priority calls.

Only two clear units available.

Clear units to remain clear in case another emergency call comes in and the four holding calls to wait.

1754 hrs. Respond to a male overdosing on crystal meth. Upon arrival he is conscious and breathing, which slows the ambulance response time down.

1759 hrs. Call from the public of a man down, The male's condition is unknown. Turns out he's drunk himself into unconsciousness.

1820 hrs.  Ambulance on the scene of the overdose.

1830 hrs. Members dispatched to help a male in cardiac arrest in the Fernwood area. Members arrive along with ambulance and fire fighters.

Three of the original four calls for service are still holding.

1830 hrs. Briefing outlines contingency plan for potential failure of the CREST radio system tonight.

1844 hrs. First impaired driver of the night receives a 3 day driving prohibition.

1845 hrs. The man from the cardiac arrest passes away. Coroner are notified and Victim Services called out.

1858 hrs. Member the public calls and reports an impaired driver in the Gorge Road area. We circulate the area but are unable to locate it.

1902 hrs. As members clear from the earlier high priority calls they begin volunteering for the holding calls.

Now there's only one of the original holding calls left.

One unit transporting a prisoner from dayshift to Wilkinson Rd. jail. Another unit at the Royal Jubilee Hospital assisting an RCMP member with an uncooperative patient.

Four clear units, including the K9 unit.

The only call holding is someone reporting their cell phone having been stolen from the day before. We attempt to contact the complainant and learn they have gone out for the night. The call is then stacked for the following day shift to follow up.

1913 hrs. Several members respond to a domestic dispute between a mother and her daughter. "Lots of yelling and screaming". The mother describes her daughter as "having a previous brain injury and now is extremely high on meth".

1952 hrs. Another domestic between a couple. No violence but things escalating.  Members arrive in time to help things settle.

2005 hrs. Members dispatched to the hospital to transport a prisoner back to cells.

2021 hrs.  Members dispatched to a random male yelling and screaming on the street for no apparent reason. He was difficult to locate but eventually he was found several blocks away. He was drunk and lost. Members sent him home in a taxi.

2105 hrs. Members dispatched to a homeless shelter to remove a homeless man who was not welcome. It turns out he had several outstanding warrants for his arrest as well.

2107 hrs. Prisoner transported from cells to the hospital due to medical concerns.

2114 hrs. Members locate a male, known to them, with an outstanding warrant walking down the street. He's arrested and lodged in cells.

2128 hrs. Restaurant staff call because two customers are fighting.  One punched the other in the face and things are getting out of hand.

2128 hrs. Purveyors of liquor call police as one of their customers just punched another one of their customers in the face.

2130 hrs. Special duty members arrive. Extra officers have been called out in anticipation of a busy night.

2131 hrs. The first large noisy party call comes in.

2132 hrs. Members respond to a call of an unresponsive person found laying on the floor of their apartment.

2144 hrs. A citizen calls in and reports a possible impaired driver in the area of Blanshard and Fairfield. Units flood the area but are unable to locate it.

2154 hrs. Dispatched to a call of an angry man in a downtown parkade. Apparently he's upset about receiving a ticket.

2203 hrs. Second large noisy party call of the night comes in.

2204 hrs. Members dispatched to prevent a suicide.

2208 hrs. All attempts to revive the unconscious person fail. Corner notified.

2215 hrs. Impaired driver the tries to leave a house party and backs into his friend's Mustang. Homeowner dragged him out of the car, against his will, and took the keys away from him.  Driving prohibition issued, friend not happy.

2222 hrs. Unconscious male laying on the street after being punched in the face. BC Ambulance Service responding along with police. Victim was transported to Victoria General Hospital for treatment and the suspect arrested for assault.

2224 hrs. Male approached another man, asked him for a smoke, then punched him the face. Suspect fled, located, and arrested for assault.

2231 hrs. Members dispatched in response to a 21-year-old girl crying and screaming with possible alcohol poisoning.

2237 hrs. Abandoned 911 call. Upon call back and angry, intoxicated, and uncooperative male answered and refused to provide any information. He then hung up. The communication center staff called back and an intoxicated, uncooperative, female answered the phone. She stated that she didn't know the identity of the man in the residence. Members were dispatched to check her well-being.

2247 hrs. No clear units.

2255 hrs. Domestic in progress. Female can be heard screaming for help. Units arrived to find the domestic was only verbal.

2253 hrs. Members dispatched to two ladies fighting. One screaming "I'm going to slice your throat".

2253 hrs. Third large party complaint of the night called in.

2316 hrs. Six calls holding for service and no clear units.

2318 hrs. Members dispatched to assist BC Ambulance Service with a 15-year-old so intoxicated his companions were concerned that he had alcohol poisoning.

2329 hrs. Report of a large party that has now turn into a large brawl.

2322 hrs. Call of a domestic dispute between an elderly couple who have been married for 50 years.

2337 hrs. A large party approximate 60 people turning into a fight up and down the street. Members arrived and located a 17-year-old female unconscious from alcohol consumption. Home renter stated he invited a couple of people over and the party ended up being crashed by numerous people he did not know. His window had been kicked out and he was not very happy.

2340 hrs. Members happen upon a female so intoxicated she could not walk.

2341 hrs. Call of another altercation, approximately six people swearing and fighting.

Happy New Year

0001 Saanich Police requesting Victoria members to circulate our northern border for a stabbing suspect. K9 tracking south towards Victoria. Suspect still in possession of the knife.

0004 hrs. Large party slipping out of control. People fighting and swearing.

0009 hrs. People fighting inside a night club. Two arrested.

0016 hrs. Seven calls holding and no clear units. 

0021 hrs. Unruly female patron punches a bouncer in the face after being asked to leave a night club.

0028 hrs. Unconscious female found inside a night club.

0035 hrs. A report of twelve people fighting in a James Bay hotel.

0040 hrs. Caller reporting an intoxicated male falling down in the middle of the road and bleeding from the head.

0054 hrs. Complainant reporting that they had just struck an intoxicated pedestrian with their vehicle and then the pedestrian jumped up and fled into a large house party. They were concerned for his well being and waiting for police to arrive.

0100 hrs. Fifteen calls holding and no clear units.

0102 hrs. A unit transporting a prisoner back to cells came across and intoxicated female laying on the ground in her party dress and a puddle of her own vomit.

0104 hrs. An intoxicated female stumbled into a nightclub barely conscious and barely able to walk. All she wanted to do was to sleep on the floor. Staff call for police to remove her.

0015 hrs. A report of two people fist-fighting in a bus stop with a young lady trying to break it up.

0017 hrs. Report of people fighting inside a late-night food establishment throwing chairs around. Subjects fled westbound into the night.

0128 hrs. Subject from the chair throwing incident located at Blanchard and Cormorant by a witness.  He attempted to flee into the back of a taxi but was taken into custody without incident.

0132 hrs. Report of a male wandering the halls of an apartment building carrying a machete.

0148 hrs. Report of six people fighting and one person laying on the ground unconscious.

0153 hrs. Lady called complaining that she was being chased by multiple people armed with guns.

0159 hrs. Staff from a local nightclub restraining a male who was yelling that "I carry a gun."

0159 hrs. Another group of people fighting. Report one male being kicked in the head.

0200 hrs. Bars are open for an extra hour tonight... because it's a special occasion.

0200 hrs. Patrolling unit locates a domestic in progress at the rear the local night club. Male taken into custody for assault.

0209 hrs. 53 files for service generated since midnight. Five large party calls waiting for police attendance. No clear units.

0215 hrs. Report received a domestic in progress out on the street.

0222 hrs. Report of another domestic in progress. Male apparently going "nuts" and throwing chairs around.

0231 hrs. Members come across several males fighting in the street.

0235 hrs. Victim from a previous assault becoming violent with paramedics in the back of the ambulance.

0242 hrs. Fight out on the street with a male unconscious on the ground. Suspect fled eastbound.

0300 hrs. Extended bar closing time. 14 calls holding for service, 65 calls for service since midnight, no clear units.

0310 hrs. Members responded to a suicidal person with a knife. Prior to police arrival a family member attempted to disarm the suicidal person and suffered a knife wound.

0330 hrs. Another homeless shelter calls to have another person removed due to their behavior.

0332 hrs. Patrolling members come across several males pushing and shoving each other outside of a local nightclub.

0343 hrs. Members attended to an abandoned 911 call. On callback a female stated that the police were no longer required. On arrival it turned out that it was a domestic dispute .While members were interviewing the subjects the downstairs neighbor came up and attempted to stop police from investigating. When told to leave the neighbour became violent with police. He was arrested for obstruction.

 0355 hrs. Another impaired driver stopped and a 90-day driving prohibition issued.

0359 hrs. Intoxicated female found wandering the streets with a large gash to her leg. She was transported to the hospital for treatment.

0401 hrs. Another domestic between husband-and-wife. Male stated there were numerous weapons in the house but none of them were being used. Upon arrival the female is bleeding from a wound to her leg.

0404 hrs. Two fights in two different locations coming in at the same time.

0409 hrs. Another fight at a late night restaurant, two males in custody.

0411 hrs. 11 calls holding her service.

0416 hrs. Another call a fight inside an apartment. Complainant states that it sounds "heavy and physical".

0440 hrs. Saanich Police attempt to stop a vehicle at Blanshard and Bay. The driver refused to stop and the two occupants bailed out of the vehicle while it was still rolling. Victoria Police members attended the area to assist and both suspects were taken into custody after a short foot pursuit. Meanwhile the vehicle rolled to a stop against an electrical utility box.

0530 hrs.  Communication Ctr. states that since 1800 hrs., December 31, 2013, until 0530 hrs. January 1st, 2014,  we have taken 130 calls for service, 82 since midnight.

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  1. Seems to me that the bars should close at 12:30am (not 3am) given how this "special occasion" goes. Thanks to all of the police and other first responders for being out there.