Monday, November 18, 2013

Undead Alarm System No Match for Multi-Tool Wielding Cop

On November the  5th, 2013, a resident of Vic West found herself at wits end in her attempts to deal with an unruly home alarm system.

She had been living in her home for ten years and had never had much thought of the alarm the previous owners had installed. As far as she knew it wasn't even hooked up.

That was until she started her home renovations. As a result of some electrical work the alarm decided to come back to life late in the evening when she opened up her sliding patio door to let her dog out. As the alarm siren blared she fruitlessly attempted to stop it from waking her neighbours. She called the alarm company who had no record of her as a customer or even the previous owners account.

After a while the alarm stopped sounding and she decided to keep the doors and windows shut until she could deal with the situation in the morning. That was when she discovered the living room motion detector was also working, and the alarm went off again.

Without the appropriate security codes, there wasn't much the alarm company could do to help her and there was nothing she could do to deactivate the alarm. She tried disconnecting the battery but, ten years ago, the alarm company had installed a hard wired backup to prevent such tampering from fooling the system and the alarm continued blast.

It’s at times like this that people realize there’s not much help out there and one of the few organizations you can call for help is the police.

So, armed with absolutely no electrical knowledge what-so-ever, a police officer was sent to assist.

When the officer arrived and entered the home, the alarm went off again.

He tried several rudimentary technical solutions which failed and he quickly determined that force was required.

Deploying his duty belt mounted multi-tool, and bringing to bare no less than three attachments, the offending siren was left silent and compliant upon the laundry room floor.

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  1. I was hoping it was going to be Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry taking out the alarm with his sidearm in typical macho fashion!